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Feel what is happening in your body and where your attention is focused.

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Analyze and discover how the body works and functions. Be curious, have fun and ask questions.

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Take your new information and apply it to your movement. Embody what you have learned. Enjoy the process!

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Stephanie Spencer, MFA

Dance and Kinesiology Instructor


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Fun with Feet

This is a short conversation about the importance of your feet. They are the main part of your body that connects you throughout the day to the ground. How you connect with your feet play a major role in how forces from the ground will travel through the rest of your system. Seldom recognized for all that they do, here is a chance to give your feet their long over due accolades.

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A Successful GYROTONIC® Foundation Course

This GYROTONIC® Foundation Course successfully completed its training and is continuing on their journey to becoming full trainers within the system.

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  •  5/28/2021 12:06 PM - 5/30/2021 02:09 PM
  •   Joy of Movement, Aptos, CA 95003

Included in this course Gyrokinesis seated and standing sequences (2 hours total) set to a musical score created by Gyrokinesis creator, Juliu Horvath in collaboration with musician, Rodolfo Troncoso. The rhythm and tone of each song in these sequences is designed to resonate with the specific timing, and intention of the movement the song accompanies. This harmonic synchrony of movement, and music adds a powerful, new dimension to the Gyrokinesis exercise experience. -A 30 minute nerve strengthening sequence -"Metamorphosis"- a 2 hour breathing sequence -A 20 minute dry scrubbing sequence Participants receive a course manual, and music download. DVDs are also available (exclusively for course participants) to purchase. This course fulfills the continuing educational requirements to maintain your license. The price of the course is $600. A non refundable deposit of $150 will go to Joy of Movement to hold your spot. The remainder $450 will be paid to master trainer Stephanie Spencer on the first day of the course.

  •  6/7/2020 01:00 PM
  •   Joy of Movement, Aptos Ca

This is for anyone who is interested to enjoy their feet. The workshop will cover how to connect to your feet, basic biomechanics and apply that information to your everyday practice of walking. The cost of the course is $50, plus the cost of props including special balls, band and exercise list. Please contact Joy of Movement in Aptos, to register.

  •  5/16/2020 12:30 PM
  •   Joy of Movement, Aptos

This is for students who have successfully completed the Foundation Course and are needing supervised hours to prepare for their certifying exam course and becoming trainers.

  •  3/15/2020 10:00 AM
  •   Joy of Movement, Aptos

This is a Pre Training that qualifies the student to go on to the Foundation Course which is scheduled for this summer. The Pre Training is the first of four parts that need to be completed to become a full trainer in this work. This course is amended because it is taught in conjunction with the GYROKINESIS® course at Cabrillo College. This Pre Training is only for those students also taking the course at Cabrillo at this time.

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  • Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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