Stephanie Spencer, MFA
Dance and Kinesiology Instructor


Stephanie has always had a fascination with movement.  She started studying dance at a very young age.  While she was in college studying medicine she decided that dance and the creative arts where a better fit for her.  At the University of London, Laban Center she met and trained with the Pilates legend, Alan Herdman.  He directed her to go back to the United States and complete her studies in movement and biomechanics with Marie Jose Blom, and complete her Master's of Fine Arts in dance at the California Institute of the Arts.  While working with Marie Jose she met Juliu Horvath and fell in love with his GYROTONIC® method.  

After working and dancing in Los Angeles for a few years, she relocated to Northern California and began teaching Dance and Kinesiology at Cabrillo College in Aptos.  She continues to read, write, dance and study movement with those around her.  She enjoys helping other students of movement develop their skills to become trainers in the Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods. As well as supporting private clients in their endeavors to move and feel better in their bodies.